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See Hikone

Hikone-shi (Shiga Prefecture) spreads to the north and south to the east of Lake Biwa.
Hikone Castle, also called Konki Castle, is one of the most well-known sightseeing spots in Shiga Prefecture.
Its keep is designated as a national treasure, and every year many people visit this castle just to get a glimpse of its magnificent figure.

Hikone Castle

01Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle is one of five castles designated as national treasures. Its interior is exactly how it was when the castle was constructed. On the top floor, you can get a full view of Lake Biwa.

Genkyu-en Garden

02Genkyu-en Garden

Facing the inner moat on the north side of Hikone Castle, Genkyu-en garden was originally the Daimyo's (feudal lord's) garden, which is designated as a national scenic spot. The view is best when the leaves change in autumn!

Ryotan-ji Temple

03Ryotan-ji Temple

Each season, Ryotan-ji temple shows you a different face of a beautiful Japanese garden. This temple is related to Ii Naotora, a female castellan in the Age of Civil Wars, who will be featured in a 2017 TV drama series by NHK.

Dine in Hikone

Satisfy your palate with cuisine featuring a variety of rich products from Shiga Prefecture,
such as Omi beef, young ayu fish, trout sushi, and tofu!
We also have plenty of superb sweets made of sweet rice and fruits produced in Shiga prefecture.

Restaurant Sennaritei

04Restaurant Sennaritei

Omi Beef Sennaritei Kyara

05Omi Beef Sennaritei Kyara





Chanpontei Sohonke

09Chanpontei Sohonke

Enjoy Hikone

There is so much to see in Hikone, from the famous Hikone mascot "Hikonyan"
to lots of pleasant sightseeing spots and Hikone Castle!
Stroll around the city in search pleasant wonders, such as an old streetscape, cobblestone lane, or small shop with a long history.

Yonban-cho Square Shopping Mall

10Yonban-cho Square Shopping Mall

Yonban-cho Square is designed based on the concept of a "town of good old romanticism." Modern buildings and gas-lit streets will make your shopping and dining even more memorable.

Open Hours Varies by shop.
Closed Varies by shop.
Yume Kyobashi Akari Kan Shop

11Yume Kyobashi Akari Kan Shop

This shop is candle-themed. It offers various types of "akari" (light), which bring color to Hikone. In addition to shopping, you can experience making your own candle.

Open Hours 9:30~17:30
Closed Tuesday
Hikone Castle Museum

12Hikone Castle Museum

This museum displays many arts and crafts, Noh masks and kimonos, and favored tea sets, all related to the Ii Family, the feudal lords of Hikone. It houses a national treasure, "Hikone Byobu" (folding screen), which is shown to the public every spring. Its Noh stage holds Noh performances every spring and autumn.

Open Hours 8:30~17:00
Closed 12/25 - 12/31